The 10x Developer

Things that separate the 10x developer from the rest

Years ago everybody was obsessed with becoming a 10x engineer. There were numerous debates on what makes a a dev a rockstar or a 10xer. Speed vs Efficiency? Could it be knowledge or just general ability. I think what separates the great from the average is their ability to work ahead or be curious. A lot of engineers get complacent or see the average workload from their team and decides thats the level we should operate on. The lack of curiousity or imagination on what we can do improve anything is what stops good engineers. The most educated one is the person who seeks knowledge and challenges the status quo whether in their job or in life.

How to stay curious

With our jobs we become bored. We work on the same project that comes in different iterations that only change ever so slightly. Then we continue with the same requirements and don't try to push the envelope. What people are missing is what interests you. We don't question our managers enough or give them ideas.

Proof Of Concepts

Most engineers don't put on their thinking caps to brainstorm what could be. Think about what could be or any crazy thoughts you have. Then create a POC (Proof of Concept) think of it as a way to learn or become interested in the work you do. As you create the POC's push your managers to show them a better way more than likely they will love the effort you put in and how it benefits the team.

In my career the best engineers I know stay curious and challenge the status quo. They see a problem and fix it on the spot or will propose a better way. Don't get complacent and keep what you do interesting. Not all ideas will be accept but the ones that do have the ability to make a big impact.

On my current team the last 4 major intitiaves started out as POC's I built on in the past 4 years we've created a team around the products I've designed and pushed. Stay curious and build POC's, it's the most fun and validating way to have a major impact.